Friday, February 24, 2012

Update and Comparisons

Update: I have run a total of 135.8 Miles this year!  That averages out to 2.5 Miles per day this year.  Unfortunately, I need to be running 2.7 Miles per day, so I should be at 150 Miles already, but this is huge for me!!

I was totally gonna do a Double Day today.  I ran this morning before work and I had every intention of running on my lunch break, until I remembered that we were taking a fellow co-worker to lunch because she's taking time off for maternity leave.  So, luckily I ran this morning, but I was so excited for my first two-a-day running-wise!  And tonight we have a show to go to, so no running after work.  I'm excited for the weekend though, cause I get to satisfy my addiction and wear leather pants to a local goth rave run the trails!  I have 8 miles on the plan for this weekend, so we'll see how that goes.

I have a problem, and the whole world does too, with comparing myself to others.  I'm not as fast as so-and-so.  I'm not as skinny as whats-her-name.  I'm not as funny as that-guy.  Well, I'm gonna try to quit doing that so much.  I am who I am and only I can change that (if I want to).  A few months ago I accepted the fact that I wasn't gonna be losing any weight any time soon.  I bought jeans that were comfortable for my weight and just accepted that I love drinking beer and wasn't gonna get caught up with worrying anymore.  Since then, I've lost about 7 to 10 pounds without even trying.  (Besides the default Weight Watchers diet I'm on). 

Now, I have to keep reminding myself that my pace is MY PACE!  I wanna be faster someday, but that's on me...I can't just become faster by reading other running blogs and wishing and hoping I was someone else because they ran a half in under 2 hours.  I need to focus on how to get MYSELF across that finish line Sub 2 hours.  I can't dwell on the fact that someone says running 10 miles the day after a marathon in 1 hour 15 minutes is an "Easy Run"!  I need to run my own race at my own pace!  Just beating my current time in a race is fast enough for me.  I'm never gonna be an 8 minute miler, so why keep comparing myself to them?

As for the Funny thing...I think I'm pretty darn funny!  I think highly of myself, remember!

Who do you compare yourself to?


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  1. Congrats on the mileage and hells yes to the not comparing. It is so hard... I'm working on it though. And you crack me up, so there's that.