Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Crazy Woman in Me!

Congratulations to me! This is my 100th post! I don't receive anything for posting that much, but look at me, I'm unstoppable, and it's also Saturday and I don't seem to blog much on Saturdays!

Well, the rainy weather has stayed at bay and it's been a very very sunny day. In fact, my softball tournament has had wonderful weather so far. Whoever said it was supposed to rain was lying! So our first tournament of the year and I was a little nervous because I've changed my stance and swing. I still can't throw, but I can catch (sometimes). Anyway, we have already played 3 games and we have yet to lose, so for some reason everyone has shown up to play some softball today. Here's where the crazy woman came out: Our first game was at 9 and our second game was at 11. Since our third game wasn't until 3 I rushed home and did my long run for the week which was 4 miles. Then I rushed back and played our 3rd game. The girls on my team thought I was some crazy person because I ran 4 miles between softball games! Maybe I am, but why should I alter my training schedule just because I have softball? I actually left off the 5th mile because I figured playing at least 5 softball games in a day and having to run out and back from right field every inning, I would pick up my last mile with that. Plus, my new swing is working pretty well, so I've had quite a few trips around the bases too!!

I hope you find a way to push yourself a little extra this weekend too.


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