Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day!

I hope somewhere out there you played a trick on someone today and you both had a really good laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets us through those really tough days. I've done it plenty of times before and I'll do it in the future! I love laughing anyway, so it helps! But, it's also okay to cry. Ask the GF, I am the most emotional person she has ever met. At any given moment she can look over at me on the couch and about 85% of the time I will have tears in my eyes! We could be watching a comedy, a drama, a romance, a shoot-em-up, or even a reality show and I'll find a moment that warrants some tears! It never fails. I'm an emotional mess when it comes to sadness, triumphs, ah-shucks, and even love!

I was all wound up this morning! I didn't want to get out of bed, I didn't wanna shower, I didn't wanna drive in to work, I didn't wanna work, I didn't wanna turn the heat down, I didn't wanna talk to anybody, I didn't wanna go to the gym, and I especially didn't wanna have a headache! But I did it all! And the best part was, after I got done working out, I felt relieved of it all. I was glad I had gotten out of bed, showered, came in to work, got lots of work done, and went to the gym. It's helping me relax more this afternoon. So, a BIG thank you to the GF for encouraging me to workout!

I need to really start thinking about this Race and what I'm going to wear! Am I gonna wanna wear a t-shirt or a tank top? Short socks or long socks? What color shorts? Should I match? Should I dye my hair? These are very important things to start thinking about. Please give me any ideas or suggestions you may have. It may be surprising to hear this, but, I wanna stand out!!


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