Friday, April 2, 2010

What a Good Friday!

Well, I've been tired all week long and today is no exception. I wonder if I even sleep at all during the night. I just feel so drained by mid-afternoon that I'm not sure how I can keep going the rest of the evening, especially on days when I still have to go to class all night. And weekends don't help, because weekends are to use for all the things you can't do during the week, like movies, and baseball games, and television, and eating, and it's actually all the things you do during the week, just amplified. In other words, I don't sleep much on the weekends because I'm always doing something. I need to be more like my boss and take naps every afternoon!

Well, Ken Griffey Jr. is here! Not sure if he'll meet me, but I bet he wants to! The weather sucks and it won't get better by game time, so we need to bundle up. But it'll be good to be out watching baseball again...maybe having a brew...maybe have some laughs! The Isotopes season doesn't start for another week, but when it does, you might not be able to drag me away from the games. It's a whole different experience than watching baseball on tv, especially because you get to people watch! Oh, there are so many different walks of life at a baseball game and we all just sit back and watch each much fun!

So, after 88 total posts on my blog site, I've come to accept the fact that it's not gonna blow up on the internet like other blogs I see and read occasionally. The only people that read it are the ones who get it delivered to their inbox everyday, and I'm pretty sure there are a couple of you that don't read it then. So, to those that take the quick couple of minutes everyday to read my thoughts, "Thank you!" You are the ones that keep me coming back every day. Also, "Thank you," to the few that actually respond to my posts! It's great to here your opinions and ideas and comments on my blog. It keeps me motivated to continue blogging and writing and observing.

I hope you all have a Good Friday too!


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