Monday, April 26, 2010

Find Someone to Trust

Are you the type of person that bundles all this stuff up inside? Then you fester on certain issues, but you don't share this pain with anyone else? Then one day it all hits the flood gates and you have an outpouring of emotion? Well, I've always been that type of person. I keep all this bad stuff bottled up inside me, so others will still see the smile on my face not knowing that deep down I'm a balloon just ready to burst! I did it a lot in high school trying to keep my home life separate from my school life, but in the end, after the flood, I would always get mad at myself for holding it all in. But I didn't trust too many people in high school. Since then, my trust issues have gotten loads better and I've actually found people that I can talk to so I've never had to bottle up any issues since then. It makes for a clearer head and I have a little more focus than I did back then. It helps to have a clear head when you're trying to finish school and actually have good enough grades to graduate!!

Well, I hope I didn't worry you because my head is exceptionally clear now. Clearer than it's probably ever been. I have someone in my life who I trust completely. I've come to a point in my life where I've realized that everything I've done in life has led me straight to her and I couldn't be more happy! So, thanks!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Went to the gym to do my long run on Saturday and ended up doing my short run instead. Nothing was aligned or clicking and 6 miles quickly turned into 2 miles plus another 2 miles that I had to somehow muster the strength and energy to finish before I got off the treadmill! But momma said there'll be days like this...there'll be days like this my momma said! Today was a bit more graceful as I hit 3 miles as regularly scheduled. Maybe I shouldn't have so many off days in one week!!

In 3 weeks I am going to be a new person, so I'm changing some things in my life. I'll let you know when I get around to doing anything, but for now, just know that I'm (going to be) a changed woman. Love you all!

OH MY GOSH! How could I almost publish without telling the highlight of my weekend (especially since I've already told you the lowlight)!! So, for my friend's birthday we went to play BINGO!! There were 7 of us in our little group, so I thought the odds of at least one of us winning a game were pretty high!! And I was right! The GF won a $25 game! YAY! But wait...she didn't yell "BINGO" in time so they called the next number and that $25 sadly went to someone else! No worries, we gave her $25 worth of crap for missing out and you should too!!

Hope you're not having a case of the Monday's!


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