Thursday, April 15, 2010

I almost forgot a title!!

Good Afternoon! And I mean is a good afternoon. The sun is shining, the wind has died down, I've gotten in a (semi)good workout, I'm eating some fruit, and school is over for the week! My GF has even put in some extra face time this week, so that makes me VERY happy!

So my computer does this really annoying thing every once and again where the screen locks up and stops me from typing, so I have to use the mouse to go to where I've left off and click to unlock the screen. Now, that's okay on like a cell phone so you don't call China by accident, or even on the computer when you have a young child by you and you don't want them to start typing random stuff. But it's literally locked up on me 3 times already just typing this one paragraph and it's really frustrating. If I'm in the flow of something, I don't wanna have to stop to click the mouse again. But it's weird cause it only happens on random days. Luckily not every (4 times) day! Enough ranting about that!

So, I have a softball tournament this Saturday. I don't remember if I mentioned it a (5 times) few weeks ago, but the softball tourney that we were supposed to have got snowed out, so this weekend is our next tourney. It's double elimination, but if we kept winning we could literally play until 9pm. I love softball (6 times) and all, but I really don't wanna be playing all day long. Sunday is a day game for the Topes, so that's gonna be really exciting. I love sitting in the sun...hopefully (7 times) there will be sun...but I love watching baseball in the sun. It's like free entertainment while you tan! And I love to tan!

Well, I hope you all have fun in the sun this weekend (8 times)!


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