Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I missed you...

So, you all thought I'd stop at 100, did you? Nope! Sorry, you're wrong! I just had a very relaxing Sunday, followed by a very busy Monday, but I'm back and I've missed you. Saturday, we ended up playing 6 softball games and taking 2nd place. The winning team, who beat us twice, were apparently playing in the World Series, so our team was on a completely different page, which is probably why we had fun losing (well, most of us)! But it was good to be back on the field. I made a couple great catches and hit a couple bombs, so I was excited! And the weather was perfect! I know I mentioned it before, but it was awesome. It was also perfect weather for the baseball game on Sunday. It started raining the minute the game was over, but it sure was perfect baseball weather. The sun has also decided to grace us with it's presence today, so it's lovely outside and here I sit inside at work...poop! Oh sun, how I've missed you.

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary! They haven't been married for about 27-28 years now, but how nice to think about it! I was never old enough to even remember them married! I really don't remember much back when I was little, but I also don't remember much now-a-days. Oh memory, I miss you!

This afternoon at the gym we did a "body pump" class in the aerobics room. I have yet to take a class at the gym since they've remodeled like 5 years ago, but the GF wanted a partner today so I went. It wasn't the worst class ever, in fact it was quite alright. I don't have much upper body strength and we had to keep lifting this barbell up and down and up and down! Kicked my butt. The whole time I was thinking to myself that I could've been upstairs running my speed workout, but instead I was doing lunges, squats, and shoulder press. Running, I missed you! Tomorrow will be my rest day, and I'll probably be sore, but I guess it's always good to work on other muscles.

Have a great Tuesday!


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