Friday, April 23, 2010

A Nice Bottle of Wine

So, I am not motivated today! There...I've said it! I would rather be at home in bed with a nice bottle of wine then be here at work any longer. My GF isn't here and other than Canadian Becca the rest of the office is in the pits, so it's depressing me! I may head straight to the liquor store after work! I think it's because the weather is so gloomy, my body is a little sore, I'm really tired, and I just wanna nap with the GF (and a good bottle of wine)! I've been on a red wine kick lately, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! I'm more of a jammy not too fruity red zin type just so you know.

Well, another week down. 3 more weeks of school and 5 more actual classes. I can't believe it's almost here. My biggest decision now is what shirt I'm going to wear under my gown! I'm more excited about my graduation than I let on to my classmates, and I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than my classmates that are also graduating! This is a HUGE moment in my life and I'm quite proud of myself. Okay, enough about that.

Did you think about your recipe yesterday? I was thinking about it after I blogged and was pondering "who" might have added each ingredient. For instance, who added the 'funny'? Who added the 'athleticism'? I'm not sure which of my parents was the athletic one, but I only know my mom to be a big football fan and I'm sure she was the one that added the 'fanatic' to my bowl. I also was wondering what possible ingredients I've added to anybody else's bowl? Like my GF, I'm pretty sure I've added stuff to her mixture that you just couldn't possibly find in the small Missouri town she grew up in! And she'll be the first to tell you about the few things I've had to take away from her mixture too!

Anywho, it's the weekend and you all know how good I am about writing on the weekends, so if for some reason I don't see you until Monday, have a great weekend! What are your plans? Anything fun? One of my best friends' birthday is tomorrow, so we're gonna get her all drunk and go hit the club scene! Just kidding! She doesn't drink and we don't do clubs! So Bingo and a cookout seem about right! Today is Neko's birthday...she one of my puppy's. She's one year old and still acts like she's 2 months old sometimes. Silly dog!

Try to look on the bright side of'll make you happier!


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