Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Early to Rise

Well, I thought I'd write to you early today while I was thinking about it, because I might not have time later. Just an update, my foot is a bit sore from the shot, but I have high hopes that it's getting better AND I'm back in the gym this afternoon! Not running, but biking, and that's okay! Last night my boyfriend and his basketball team (Butler) lost the national championship game, but it was definitely a hard fought battle and great game! So, go Butler and good luck next year! I still hate Duke and the Yankees, who lost to Boston on the opening night of Baseball! So, now we all move over to baseball! Yay! But really it's just a nice pasttime til football starts!! NFL Draft is April 22-24...get ready!

Yesterday I was complaining about how I don't feel ready for my big test tonight...well, I'm almost there. The unfortunate thing is that I've spent so much time studying for this test that I've completely neglected studying for my quiz tomorrow night...uh-oh! Oh well, I'll worry about that later. I woke up today about 5:30am because I was dreaming about my test. I was working problems in my head while I slept! So, I got up and made some breakfast and hot tea and sat at the kitchen counter and studied for an hour. I think that's a really good time to study, I need to remember that! Very quiet! Very very quiet! I think it helped calm me about the test and I hopefully won't go in to it so stressed out...that just spells disaster!!

So, there's this douche bag who steals my parking spot everyday! I have been working at this office for 7 years and always park in the same spot...well, there are about 3 people who live across the street who feel like they should park there instead...UNACCEPTABLE! So, it's left me to park elsewhere and for the last few weeks that's what I've been doing and it's no fun. I want my space back. Yesterday I got it back for half a day, but this morning 2 other cars were there and the douche bag has stolen a co-workers spot now! Will he stop at nothing? He never goes anywhere, except yesterday he went to go do laundry and that's how I got my space back!! The GF suggested getting it towed, but I can't really do that legally, so I'll have to find a way to do it illegally! If we don't watch out, he's gonna start parking in our driveway...UNACCEPTABLE! I'm gonna invest in a few orange cones and start lining them up the street when they all move their cars, like some street crew is coming in, but secretly move them everyday when I need to park!!

Today, find a way to solve YOUR problems!!


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