Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Recipe of Life

Do you ever wonder what your personal recipe is? Like, what were the specific ingredients used to make you? Well, we all know the obvious things our parents contributed to make "us" happen, but I'm talking about what makes up YOU, your personality and such. Each one of us is so different from the next, but yet we are still similar in many ways. For instance, I'm pretty sure somebody dumped a whole bucket of 'funny' in my mixture, a dash of wit, a cup of intelligence, some athleticism, some laid back attitude, a tiny pinch of anger, a whole bunch of determination, a little bit of procrastination, a heaping scoop of beauty, and not so much attention span! There's lots of other stuff in my mixing bowl, but this was just a beginning. There's just so much stuff that goes into who we are today.

And at some point in our lives, we may choose to not use some certain ingredient anymore and someone may introduce us to a new potion. Otherwise, our mixture just shakes up every morning and we become Roshelle Recipe! Or whoever you are Recipe! Since this is my blog I can use whatever ingredients I want in my personal recipe.

Who are you?


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