Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exhaustion is setting in

I'm tired! Not gonna lie...real tired. I'm pretty sure it's because I've been working out, I've been sick, I've been stressing over school, I've been studying for tests, I've been working, I've been staying up late, I've been getting up early, I've been playing, and I've been living my life! All those things together can make you very tired. Some like to say it's burning the candle at both ends. Others like to say I'm crazy. I just like to say I'm tired...real tired. But when I look at from afar, I don't really see my situation changing any time soon. I still have 2 more tests to study for and school to stress over for 5 more weeks. I have to get up early everyday to come in to work, and I'm gonna keep working out. Maybe I should try not to stay up so late and find a way to sleep consistently through the night.

Are you addicted to tv? I am and so is the GF. We pretty much watch every show there is! We have shows every night on every channel in every time slot that we will record and watch together. If we're lucky, we'll have about 2 or 3 shows to watch every night because they build up and we can choose from a handful to watch. Sometimes 2 or 3 of the same show will pile up so it's like a mini marathon when we decide to finally watch it! Plus, having DVR is a must, because you can fast forward through all the commercials...although it can become quite disappointing when you're watching a show in "real" time and you try to fast forward through the commercials and nothing happens! Anyway, we love to watch tv!

Let's all nap!


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