Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't be so weak!

Have you ever told yourself you weren't gonna do something, but then the urge inside of you just keeps picking at you until you finally give in and do it? I'll admit that it's happened to me on many, many occasions. For instance, a long running example: American Idol sucks real bad this year. There's not great talent and I'm pretty sure nobody really cares about the outcome. I've complained every night that they waste too much of my time with filler when they could really just announce the eliminated contestant in 10 minutes. I ask myself why I watch it knowing that I'm wasting my time on the less than entertaining contestants, but there's something inside me that keeps me coming back each week...twice! I tell myself, after 9 seasons, this is it...but if it came on next year, I'd probably watch it! Besides, Ellen Degeneres is on now and she says the funniest shit! But really, this can be a serious problem...not being able to hold your ground. Why are we so weak sometimes? At least I am!

Well, all of my class lectures are officially over! All I have now are 2 finals and 2 small papers. I've already finished the review for my final next week, I'm hoping to be half-way done with the papers by tomorrow night, and I'll have a full week to finish homework and studying for the last final. I have even purchased the first study guide for the first part of the CPA Exam. It's like I'm all focused now. Please forget that last sentence as you are not allowed to use it against me at any point in the future (especially the GF)!! Anywho, it's getting all so real now and I'm way way excited!

My seester decided to get this jobby job thing, which means that sometimes on Wednesdays I don't have to take her to class. Well, that happened yesterday and I was real sad. We get about a good 20 total minutes to talk about stuff and I didn't get that yesterday, so I feel incomplete this week. Instead, I went to the gym and ran 5 miles, so I guess that was good, but I still miss her! SEESTER...come back to me!

This time around, try to hold your ground. Stay strong!


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