Friday, April 16, 2010

What the Future Might Hold

Good afternoon! The weather is okay today...just okay. Yesterday was perfect: all sun, all day, no clouds, no wind, slight breeze just at the perfect moment. Today it's cloudy in parts, windy all over, but mostly sunny and warm...the only problem: there's a thunderstorm on the way. What would really be silly is if it cancelled my softball tourney by any chance. That would be the same tourney that was cancelled a few weeks ago from snow, then there's been perfect weather for 3 weeks, and it could get cancelled from a rain storm again. Oh weather! Yesterday was also the last day to submit your 2009 taxes without filing an extension, so I hope you all were responsible enough to get those in. I would've said responsible Americans, but I have a Canuck on my blog-roll, so I gotta stay neutral!!

So, I've been thinking a lot about the future lately. It's possible that I'm realizing that I'll be graduating in 4 weeks (29 days, but who's counting?), and I need to figure out what I want to do when that happens. First off, I'm not doing ANYTHING (other than work of course) from then until the end of June, when we'll be going on my Graducation! Once home, I'll probably be ready to start getting into something new by the end of July-beginning of August. SO, what next? Well, I am going to start studying for the CPA Exam...that's 4 parts that you study for independently which could possibly take about 2 to 3 months per section. My whole purpose for this Master's Degree is to hopefully one day become a teacher at the college level and teach Accounting courses to mainly intro level kids. So, I'm thinking of applying to our local community college for that purpose real soon!

Other than career type future moves, my personal life has a future too. The GF and I are about to celebrate 5 years together! We've taken some ginormous steps together over the past year too, like buying a house, raising 2 dogs, and practically working together now!! Things are great in that department. My brother and sister have a beautifully healthy baby boy and real smart(ass) daughter! They're both going back to school and other than the paper writing, and the schedule organizing, and the test taking, I'm pretty sure they're finally happy and content with how things are going in their lives right now! They've got so much family support that they can get through practically anything these days! My mother can walk again, and that's just a miracle in itself. It wasn't easy at times (actually the whole time she couldn't put weight on it, she was miserable)! But she's getting around good these days (well, better than a month ago!!). So, who knows what the future is holding for me, I'm just glad I have what I have in my life today!

Love you guys!


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