Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day of March

March is coming to an end. March 2010 is drawing to a close and soon we will be in the fourth month of this new year. Think back to December 1999...when people thought the world would end on Jan. 1, 2000...and 10 years later and we're still burning through the days. Doesn't time just fly? On that 1999 New Year's Eve night, I was wearing my red pleather pants and a sparkled tight sexy shirt. My hair was long and down and curly and I had my eye on this really sexy guy. My sorority sister was throwing the party and we were all drunk and dancing and crazy and at midnight I was hoping this sexy guy would even notice me. Now, fast forward 10 years and the same sorority sister is having a party. My hair is short and bleach blonde. I attend the party with my GF of over 4 years and we sit and catch up with all my long lost friends. At midnight I was with the woman of my dreams (packing for a long trip) and could care less about 10 years ago. Doesn't time just fly? That little passage was just to show you that time DOES fly, so make each day count.

Well, in case you haven't heard, the t-shirts have come in and they look amazing! For those of you that have ordered one, I will have those in the mail to you ASAP...and by that, I actually mean ASAIGATI...if you can't figure it out, then send me a quick note! They really came out looking good, so I hope you wear them proud and they motivate you!

It's been a long last day of March. I overslept, work has been...well, it's just been, I got to see my sister!, which also means it was a rest day, I'm tired, I've got stuff on my mind, I haven't seen my GF since I left the house this morning and I won't see her for over 5 hours because I have the stupidest, most stupid, really stupider than stupid class tonight! Other than seeing my sister, the best part of my day will be when I sit on the couch with my GF and a big glass of wine later this evening! If there's always something to look forward to, it makes the bad stuff just go away!!

Find your "something to look forward to"!!


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