Monday, March 22, 2010

33 Days of Posting

Well, today is my 33 post, but it was only my 22nd workout day...throw in some rest days and my sick days and you'll hit 33 eventually, but can you believe it? 95 days left to workout until Race Day! I can already feel no pounds coming right off! The scale is also telling me the same thing. Isn't it silly that I can have 22 workouts in a month and not lose any weight? It's because I love to eat and drink that so bad...I promise to eat lots of carbs to keep me going on the treadmill!! But honestly, let's think about it...

Contestants go on the Biggest Loser to ultimate turn their lives around. They go on to change their life. They are not only going to learn how to workout and learn how to eat better, but they are going to learn life lessons. And if you are an avid viewer like me and the GF, then you'll know that at some point they find themselves. There's always some reason why they started eating in the first place...death, loneliness, depression, comfort, etc., but whatever it is, they'll pull it out of you at "the ranch". The most important thing is that you change. So many people walk away from that show a different person and there are an unfortunate few who don't learn a thing (sad, sad souls).

My inspiration for today is, "A person must realize that in order to get a different outcome, his or her actions must change." Hopefully you're striving for a positive outcome, but you should find room in your life for change. Start small so you can keep up cause we all know change is not easy. Maybe it's just adding a bit of speed to your run, or slowing your run down and adding some distance. Maybe it's cutting your hair to look different, or maybe it's wearing a nice shirt to make you feel productive. Whatever it is, try it and see if you can feel the might set you off on a new path. One that you'll actually enjoy.


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