Tuesday, March 30, 2010

41 Reasons to Run

Don't worry, I'm not gonna list 41 reasons! But I hope over the last 41 days of this journey I have inspired you to walk, run, workout, lift weights, or do something active. There is a certain level of elation that comes with running...for me at least! After a great run I always feel so good. My workout for the day is done, I've got in a good run, and I'm well on my way to my goal: 13.1! It also makes me happy if I've got even one of you to get off the couch. It doesn't have to be for an hour, or even a half hour...doing something for 5 to 10 minutes is a huge difference and better yet, improvement. 5 to 10 minutes a day will turn into 10 to 20 minutes and eventually will be half hour to an hour. It's just about making progress and anything is better than nothing. So, start today...let today be your Day 1, and go for a walk, get out and do something.

So, I think I had a breakthrough during my study session last night! I'm beginning to understand this stuff we're studying in class and it feels good to actually not feel so lost! Regardless, we are moving on to another subject tonight, just to confuse my brain for our test next week, but I've got one more week to really get a grasp on this stuff before the test and I think it's coming along very well. Again I apologize to the GF for spending so much time studying, but you know I'll be back soon! I bought all my graduation stuff today which is making this even more real! I'm actually getting my Masters degree! Woohoo!

Alright, I need some good recipes...healthy too. So please send along some suggestions if you've got some great tasting yet healthy recipes. I've been running for over a month now and haven't lost a pound, so now it's time to create the perfect diet. I don't wanna keep eating chicken every night (not that I've been eating it every night, but we don't know what else to make). So, help us out please. And if you send advice too, please note that I'm not giving up my beer drinking!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!


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