Wednesday, March 17, 2010

28 Days

Have you ever thought that maybe you have a problem? A problem that can only be dealt with by getting away somewhere...possibly rehab, or a trip just to clear your mind? Best Actress Sandra Bullock goes away for 28 Days to solve her problems. Apparently, that's the standard number of days to cure a certainly doesn't take that long to create a problem! It's like with takes about 3 weeks of consistently going to the gym to create the habit of continually working out after that 3 weeks. It certainly doesn't take 28 days to stop going to the gym!

Anyway, I've never really had a serious addiction that would cause me to go to rehab, but I've always thought how refreshing 28 days away from "it all" could be nice. I could get a lot of reading done, or finish a whole book of sudoku, or watch movies I haven't seen in forever, or make friends I'll never see many options, but I wouldn't be worrying about what was happening in the "real world". I'd be at rehab so everyone else would be worrying about me. That's kind of sad though, that I don't have the time now to finish a book, or watch old movies, or do a sudoku puzzle. I'm hoping that once school is out I'll have the time to get back to these things...and the GF will be excited to talk to me again!! Please note: I'm not poking stabs at anyone with an addiction of any kind, but I commend you for being able to change your life if your addiction was getting in the way!

Well, Happy St. Patty's Day! Today was my rest day although I didn't have to give my sister a ride to class! I just didn't know when to fit the gym in when I already had plans for corned beef and cabbage at lunch and green beer for dinner!! I would've gone this morning but we had to take the pup to the vet...she was performing circus tricks out of the car window and now has a pimp limp...poor little girl. I'll hit the gym tomorrow again and things will be just fine.

I hope today brings you all some sort of good luck!


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