Saturday, March 20, 2010

31 Years Old

Good Afternoon! I apologize for my short blog yesterday...I wasn't in the mood to write, very tired and emotional and I was in dire need of a nap...which I got when I got home. About an hour long nap with the pups while it poured down rain! It was very relaxing. I was also supposed to tell you all what 29 Knuts in one Sickle means just that! It is the currency used in Harry Potter...if I had said 17 Sickles in one Galleon, would you have guessed it correctly? Anywho, nobody text me with the correct answer...haha, nobody text me with the wrong answer either!! Better luck on my next riddle!

I might point out though that one "close family member or friend" actually text me offering me money because they thought the car breaking down story was real. That's the kind of positive we need in our lives...friends offering you money when it's not you who needs it! Just so you all know, it was just a story, I didn't really have to wait to get a tow truck!

Now, today was my long run day and I have to say I wasn't sure I was going to make it! I had to take a quick step off the belt to stretch my hips, but I finished it and I'm proud of myself. Over the last week I've logged a total of about 16 miles!! Great week! Today I woke up to snow falling around us and was supposed to play in a softball tournament, but it was soon cancelled which led to the outstanding day at the gym. I also cut off my mohawk-ullet (pronounced mo-hawk-you-lay) and have a shaved head again! Feels good!

Well, I've undertaken a big journey and I'm only 31...come race time I'll be 32 and looking better than I did when I was 31! We're thinking of becoming addicted to running after this half, so maybe we'll come to a city near you soon! Have a great weekend and I hope you get in a good workout too! (It doesn't have to be a run...maybe you play with the kids, maybe you walk all over town, maybe you go up and down your stairs 5 times, whatever it is, make it count!


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