Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 35

Well, my body couldn't be happier today! It's a rest day, the muscles are healing, and it's been at rest all morning! The brain is gonna have to do a bit of thinking tonight, but the the body is at rest. What a great day! What would be nicer is if it started snowing again and cancelled my class tonight...maybe it'll snow so bad that it'll cancel this class for the rest of the semester! Oh, wishful thinking!

So, sometimes when I write my blog I don't feel like anyone is listening. That's obviously not the case because it is automatically sent to like 10 different people so I know you are reading it, and sometimes in passing you'll mention a portion of it to me that you remember, but some days I feel like nobody listens. I'm not saying you need to acknowledge that you've read it, this is just me personally having that feeling of not being listened to. It happens other places too, and I'm actually known for not being a very good listener...ask the GF. She always tells me stuff that just flies right over my head! Sorry babe, but luckily she repeats herself! Anyway, all I'm saying is that what if this blog was my only form of communication to you...would you care? Would you be satisfied by just this or would you want to supplement our communication with phone calls or emails? With school, I've lost that special moment where I can just sit down with my GF and talk. I can't stress it enough, how excited for I am to reclaim my life on May 12th! My GF and I can finally talk into the night again without me falling asleep because I got home so late.

Maybe it's not the listening that's the problem...maybe nobody cares! Wow, that's huge! You care, right? I know you do! If not, you'd ask me to take your name off the list! Sorry for all this, it's just what's on my mind right now. Do you know what else is on my mind right now...bananas! I can smell my banana on the desk behind me and I think I'm gonna eat it right now. I've gone bananas!


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