Thursday, March 4, 2010

15 Minutes of Fame!

I've had it! Have you? Have you had your 15 minutes of fame? Maybe it was in the form of a television appearance, a quick tidbit on the news, meeting someone famous, someone recognizing you across the world, someone recognizing you from a blog they read, maybe you were involved in something big, maybe it was even some behind the scenes work...whatever it was, have you had it? Well, I have! Most of you know, so I'm not even gonna talk about it. Find what makes you famous! What makes you stick out from the crowd! Why people should know who YOU are!

Today is sick day #5 which calls for more rest. I purposely left my workout stuff at home so I wouldn't be tempted to go today. Maybe tomorrow I can start slowly again...besides I can still barely breathe.

The other day I made a "March Goals" list. It sort of represents what I want out of this month. I have yearly goals too, but they're very general, so I thought if I did monthly goals too, I could make them more specific. Plus, it's easier to see 30 days into the future than 365. For instance, I put for my school category: Read chapter 4 and do all homework assigned...pretty straight forward. Now although it's on my syllabus to do this, I've personally written it down, so now it is a task I set for myself. I don't wanna let myself down, so inevitably I'll do it. I've got a bunch of different categories. If you just think about doing stuff it might not happen, but if you write it down, it becomes, you feel so good when you've achieved a goal!

So, today, ponder these two things: 1)What makes you famous? And 2)What's a monthly goal YOU want to achieve (and write it down)?


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