Monday, March 15, 2010

26 Letters of the Alphabet

We learned it when we were 2 years old, well, at least A, B, C, D, F. When we were 3 we could do the L, M, N, O. By the time we were 4, we could sing the whole song, but really only knew it to be a song, other than the letters to spell our name. At 5, we started to understand that they all went together in weird ways to spell CAT and DOG and MOM and DAD. By elementary school we were entering spelling bees. Now, we are teaching our kids (or nieces) how to spell their names and CAT. It's all a revolving door. Do you ever find yourself correcting others text messages when they spell something wrong? My GF would say that I do that all the time and it's very VERY annoying. I can't help myself though. I'm one of those people that have perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling on every text message. I could never win those text competitions because I can't abbreviate very well! I mean, I know how to abbreviate, I choose not to do it in my text messages. I publicly (as public as my blog is) apologize to my GF for correcting everything she writes (ok, and says)! I can't control myself, so I'm not saying it's gonna stop, I'm just saying that I apologize! Sometimes I read my blog back to myself after I've posted it and get so angry that I spelled something wrong...silly me!

Well, today I was on fire at the gym...running wise. My inspiration today was run one mile and maybe it'll turn into two. When you do something once, sometimes it wraps you up and makes you do two more or five more. Like eating Pringles...apparently once you eat one, you can't stop. It also says that you have to be able to do the first one to be able to do the second, and the third, and so on. Maybe you're not feeling your long run today, but maybe you decide to run just one mile, that could motivate you into running 2, or even finishing your long run. You never know until you get going. So, anywho, I ran 3 miles today and it felt really good. Once every week I have that one workout that is better than the rest. I'm hoping I didn't waste my good one today, cause then it's gonna be one long week!

It's Spring Break and I know I've mentioned that before, but do you remember how exciting Spring Break was when you were little? You actually got a week off school and could do (almost) whatever you wanted to do. Play all day long and not listen to your teachers. Some kids' parents would take them on vacations. You could go to lunch or the movies in the middle of the day. Well, unlucky for me I've got to work, so the only thing Spring Break is good for is not having to go to class twice a week. I still have to study, but no class...seems pointless sometimes, but really it's a means to an end. This will be my last Spring Break to sad over because I'll graduate and not have to go to school again (although we all know me)! Anywho, what I'm saying is have fun while and if you can. I'm still gonna try and have a good time. Maybe I'll have a drink to celebrate!

Hope you did something awesome today too!


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