Saturday, March 27, 2010

Late Night Fun

Well, of course I'm not out on the's Saturday night! Why would I do that? I like nothing better than just sitting with the GF...nobody else...just her and I watching the tube! It really is a great life! In fact, on the weekends it's usually just her and I doing stuff together...and we really enjoy it. I'm sure she never likes when I have to go study, but she supports me cause she knows we'll get lots more time together in the future (after May 11th)!

So, the 3rd number 1 seed in the men's tourney went down today and hopefully the 4th one will go down tomorrow. It's so nice to see the "seeding" all busted this year! The lower seeds have really come out strong and it makes for some really good basketball. Now, I'm only a fan during March Madness, so I promise to stop talking about it after next weekend...but then it's baseball time! The Isotopes are almost ready to begin. I get to see a childhood hero of mine up close and personal next weekend too...Ken Griffey Jr. I used to be obsessed all the way up til college, but I've since lost most all my memorabilia (which could be worth lots today). Maybe I'll get to meet him!

Well folks, I'm tired tonight. I'm ready to hit the sack. It's been a long day today, for someone out there...not me, but it's still been a long day. Ever wonder what other people do all day while you sit at home? Lucky for you all, you get to read my blog and almost feel like you're right here with me...but ever wonder what anyone else is up to? I hope they're doing something nice for someone!

Goodnight...or good morning to those that read this in the AM.


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