Wednesday, March 10, 2010

21 Gun Salute

I think having a 21 Gun Salute is beautiful, although sad. There really are only a few reasons why you'd get one...death, marriage, and honors. One of which I will not discuss here on my happy pages, one of which is not legal for me to discuss, but the other one...everyone loves to be honored! Well, almost everyone...if you watch last weeks episode of Parks and Recreation, they have very vocal opinions on awards. I don't think it's all that bad, but then someone always "doesn't" get honored. In the Olympics there's 3 races, there's a winner and unfortunately a loser. And on the Biggest Loser, there's a big big loser and just losers!

Wednesday is my rest day this week (like Tuesday), but I've been able to breathe okay today. Tomorrow I'm back on the treadmill and hopefully I'll feel great. I was teasing Julie today because she's a novice lunge-er and squat-er. Those are 2 of my favorite exercises...I'm crazy I know, but I've always loved the way my legs looked! Maybe I'll do some of those tomorrow too. There's a 5K this weekend and next weekend...not sure which one to do yet, but I think one'll be good to get under my belt!

I've got a huge test in an hour, so I'm gonna cut this short so I can go study just a bit more. Wish me luck and I hope to be inspiring you tomorrow sometime! Especially since it's Spring Break once I finish the, maybe I'll do 2-a-days next, that's crazy talk!!


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