Monday, March 22, 2010

Missing 32

Good morning! Sorry I missed you all was filled with busy busy stuff and I went to bed without writing my blog. That just means 2 today!! So, we weren't sure if we were gonna work out yesterday or just take a Rest day because I had lots of studying to do and we needed to clean the house. But we went and actually had a pretty good workout. We did some weight lifting and I'm not as sore as I was last week when I did weights...I'm hoping that's a good sign!

Then I studied all day. My last day of spring break and I studied all day. I'm starting to slowly understand what it is I'm doing, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go about remembering all the intricate details to this process. It makes sense if you look at the answers, but remembering the steps is kinda hard. It's okay though because we have half a semester left and then I won't have to worry about it ever again (other than the CPA exam).

I feel a little bit productive today...well, at least I feel like I was managing my morning tasks at home pretty well. We'll see if it transfers to the office today. The crew is out tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'm not betting on getting much done! Maybe I'll do it all today so I can screw around tomorrow!! Always thinking ahead!

What's your inspiration? Is it an old photo of how you want to look again? Is it a photo of someone else whose body you want to have? Is it a picture of food you should be eating (or shouldn't be eating)? Is it a picture of your Granny? Is it a book of inspirational quotes? Is it a goal you've set for yourself that you're excited to reach? Or is it just that little voice in your head that keeps you going? I'm not talking about just running here, but life in general. We all have our different goals in, what's helping you get there?


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