Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black 22

I'm in a gambling mood! Not only because I love to gamble, not only cause I haven't been gambling in a while, but because I was almost in Vegas this weekend, where more than likely I'd be gambling til the wee hours of the morning! Sound like fun doesn't it?! Here's the story, I don't do the slots because I don't understand the lower amounts (penny, nickel, dime) and the higher amounts take my money too fast (dollar, 5 dollar), so if I play it'll be on the quarter machine and I can never sit long enough to let the machine warm up, so I basically lose it all. I play low limit texas hold em poker because they'll push you around in Vegas if you don't have the money (or the guts) to bet all-in on every hand. I'm pretty good at blackjack and could probably make a lot of money at the table (no, not counting cards), but I don't have that patience anymore to sit and wait! I like roulette, but I'm a creature of habit and normally only bet on black, Black 22 to be exact...that and Black 20 are my two favorite numbers. If you see me at the roulette wheel you can bet that I'll have chips on 20 and 22, it's a bet you'll never lose! Lately though, I've been found losing my money on the Craps table! Sounds fun, huh! It's amazingly fun! I've won more money in my short career playing Craps than I've lost, so for right now, it's a pretty great game! I learn more and more about it everytime I step up to a table. I've even turned the GF on to the game and she can't get enough either!! So, here I sit, thinking fondly of the casinos and wishing that someday soon I'll be losing my money in one!

Guess who made strides at the gym today? That's right, me! I'm not giving myself enough credit though, and it sort of made me sad. See, I told myself today that I'd try to run 2 miles since I'd taken an extra rest day (Tue and Wed). I also told myself not to be upset if I only made it to 1.5 miles and needed to stop. I have 15 weeks of training still, so there's no reason I need to pick up all this mileage so soon. Well, I felt really good today and ran 3 full miles and now I feel bad for doubting myself. What I like though, is that I'm not limited by what my ultimate plan is. I can change it up to my liking or by the way I'm feeling and it makes me feel good that I'm the one in control.

My inspiration today was "After you run, you can think clearer thoughts." Fantastic! I should start running right before my Tuesday night class, then maybe I'll pick up a whole new language!


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