Sunday, March 7, 2010


A magazine, a song, a movie, a Nascar racers' car number, a number worn by one of my favorite NFL wide receivers. The number 17 means a lot to a lot of people. When I was in high school the people from Seventeen Magazine came to our school and took photos of the students all day long. Later that next month our issue came out...can't remember if I was in it, but knowing me, I'm pretty sure I was. I remember letting my hair down (it was much longer), and I frizzed it out and they loved it! Oh, the good ol' days of high school! I remember when I played soccer in high school and I had the most perfect legs I've ever had. I also weighed only 115 to 120, so I'm sure I'll never see those exact legs again, but training for a half should probably give me legs that I'll cherish again!

One of my favorite football players today is Braylon Edwards. He played for Michigan a few years back and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He unfortunately got traded to the New York Jets last year, so I've been at odds cheering for him, but he's starting to find his footing on this team. Once he relaxes out there and realizes he's got many years in front of him, he'll start playing like the guy I loved to watch at Michigan. Since I'm on the subject of sports, I might as well throw out that Ken Griffey Jr. wore #17 when he played for the Chicago White Sox (baseball).

Anyway, I sweat today! That's no-run-cause-I'm-sick spiel is over! I went to the gym this afternoon and had a good run. I felt better than I've felt all week too! I think I'm starting to enjoy running again. When you get excited to put in a good run, then I think you're starting to like it. I didn't overdo it either. Nice steady pace and not for too long. I almost ran for longer because I got carried away watching Iron Chef America on tv. Oh, Bobby Flay is amazing! Can't wait to run tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone!


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