Saturday, March 13, 2010

24 Useable Hours in Every Day

Yeah, supposedly there are 24 hours per day that we are supposed to utilize to the greatest extent. I say use shmuze! I've mentioned this before, but I spend a major portion of my day sleeping. Then I spend a lot of time on the computer. Then I drive a lot and watch a lot of tv. Lately though, I've been working out. I'm not your overachiever who goes at it for 2 or more hours, but I try to put in a good run and possible some weightlifting or sit-ups. Those are my days and I really don't wanna use precious sleeping hours to do other stuff. When I'm tired, you know it and I'm asleep. Ask anyone! When I lay down in bed, I'm gone. I may wake up throughout the night and have long periods where I can't fall back asleep, but that initial moment, I'm out...lights out! I can fall asleep anywhere...couch, chair, desk, computer, walking at the store, driving (bad), at a concert, at a movie...anywhere!

I need to start organizing my time better though. I guess that's the whole thing behind this utilizing time thing. I sure do waste a lot of time. One day I'll have it down! But today, I think I'll stick to my normal plan. So, right now, I'm gonna go out and waste some time with my GF. And we're gonna have fun doing it. We did what we wanted to do today, so now we are gonna have fun wasting time. Sorry you can't join us!


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